Thursday, March 29, 2012

Christianity a "treat"

I love this country.. so happening.. always got something to write about:)

Today's issue is A Self Righteous Man..

For a little background on my ramblings, check this link..

Johor Education Department director, Mohd Nor Abdul Ghani says "This weekend’s seminar on the “threat of Christianisation” is to strengthen Islamic faith and not threaten other religions"..

That's an oxymoron-ic statement.. Lets say Swagger comes to Malaysia with an M-16.. He walks into the police station and kills 10 policeman.. To everyone's "surprise" Swagger got away.. Hence that night's Berita Nasinoal will star Hishammuddin proclaiming Swagger as a treat to Malaysian security.. On the other side of the screen, Swagger thinks to himself.."They are not threatening me??" WHAT THE HELL!!! OF COURSE HE WILL FEEL THREATENED!!! Same applies here idiot.. You organize a seminar on threat of Christianisation and you say it's not to threaten other religions..

That's also a very self righteous statement.. You accuse others of being a threat to instill unity.. How cheap can you be!?!? ARGH!! SO STUPID! Isn't Islam sufficient enough to instill unity without accusing others? I know Christianity is sufficient enough.. Pastors don't say things like "because all of us are exposed to OPEN ISLAMISATION, therefore we must be united". No. Pastors tell us to love everyone and treat everyone as equals whether they are Christians or not.

I am not against any party organizing a religious event/talk. I believe everyone must continue learning more about their religion.. to question their religion on its teachings and doctrines. But this particular seminar has brought shame to Muslims in Malaysia. Other religions in Malaysia can still stay strong in their religion despite government-backed Islamisation. Every morning Kebangsaan school students listen to prayers. Government offices does the same thing. Over the tv it's the same. Schools get "motivational speakers" who drill us with Islamic values and teaching of Nabi Muhammad.. Sabahans and Sarawakians are given poultry and RM50 to accept Islam. And despite of that, we still don't organize seminars on "threat on Islamisation". Even with the help of the law you still cant have the confidence that Muslims will stay Muslims? Then i think something is really wrong with Islam in Malaysia. And making it compulsory for 2 teachers from each school to attend? U gotta be kidding me.. You mean u had to force-invite people to listen? shame...

I dont know.. I really hope we will get national leaders who can uphold Islam at a better state than this moron in the next election.. What i say here, is not against Islam. I love my Muslim brothers and sisters. If u noe me in person, u noe i speak the truth. What I am against here are leaders who bring shame on their religion.. In this particular case, Islam. Leaders who thinks it's alright to accuse and put others down for their benefit.. Leaders who get away after inciting suspicion among citizens. Let us not be blinded by cheap scare tactics that make us look at one another in suspicion.. Religion should not be made as a political agenda.. Dont be fooled into thinking that he is standing up for Islam..

From this link, i think other delegates are doing a better job at upholding Islam than this dude.

Besides, it is well known of our standing government's tactics.. 3R.. Race, Religion, Royals..


Have u been in a situation that someone does something wrong against you and says sorry.. right after that, that person acts as if nothing had happened.. or one that deliberately hurts u and says sorry when his actions has surfaced..

"sorry"is being adulterated by becoming the means by which people justify their wrong doings rather than as an expression of genuine remorse and repentance.

A little kid hit his brother to tears and mummy asked him to say sorry as an apology. He said sorry and hit his brother again, saying sorry the next second after that. Who would have thought that many wouldn't mature to understand why mummy asks to say sorry.. Perhaps it was mummy's fault to not help the little kid realise that it is wrong to hit little brother but rather just make him say sorry as it is suppose to b d right thing to do..

What then is the essence of sorry? Sorry is the state of repentance.. Knowing we have done wrong in some way or another and most importantly willing to face the consequences or take counter measures to the damage we caused. Genuine repentance always comes hand in hand with a reactive action.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Emilio Aguinaldo; Philippines reformist. Dr.Sun Yat Sen; Chinese reformist. Aung San Suu Kyi; Myanmar reformist (though not totally successful yet). History is built on these people who go all the way, depriving themselves of what the world can give them. These are figures who made it into our history books because they stood their grounds and fought for a better world (in their local context). But it is sad that these group of selfless people make the minority.

Malaysia is in the Bersih fever. For the first time since i can remember, our politics have taken a hold. For once there is something that is more "happening" then politics in our nation. It all unfold by the idea of having a peaceful rally for a fair election. Our good old leadership has reacted very foolishly (in my opinion) and has organized a nation wide clampdown on this. The word Bersih is now taboo, the colour yellow; ban, the gathering; illegal. Our streets and highways are crawling with police officers acting like gangsters, inciting the public with fear when they are suppose to be making us feel safe. As the saying goes, "harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi". Our beloved has also taken the initiative to send circulars to schools threatening (in my opinion) students to not take part or have any association with Bersih. Bringing politics right on our young minds plate. Sounds like a desperate move.

The interesting thing that has caught my attention in this whole affair is this. Many people around me is aware of this, supports the idea of Bersih but refuses to do anything. I told my friend, "lets go gallivanting in town this sat wearing a yellow shirt". He called me crazy. Many will prefer not to rock the boat. As long as life is fine and dandy in their little worlds, its ok. As long as there is food on d table, some savings in d bank, its ok. It doesnt matter where our tax money goes, it doesnt matter if natives are having their lands "stolen", it doesnt matter if politicians are corrupted, it doesnt matter if newly built stadiums crumble. It doesnt matter. That is why, reformist are the minority. Many are too comfortable and are afraid that the little they hold on to will be gone.

Advertisements promoting Malaysia always stress that we are nice friendly people. Sometimes, i think we are too nice. Too nice to voice out injustice, too nice to defend d victimized if it causes turmoil, too nice to report cases of outright corruption. Come to think of it, i think many of us are just cowards. Not daring to make a stand on principals. If we see a person jump queue, we would rather just keep quiet in the name of "peace". a feeling of i wont want to be part of a commotion.
And in the case of Bersih, many will just avoid and keep quiet in d name of "peace" while we are being trampled on, inspected like criminals and brain washed by buyers propaganda.

Sometimes we need to rock the boat, crush the boat and with that build a new one. My writing here is not one to side the government or the opposition. Its a cry for a better leadership. Its a cry for Malaysians to step up and speak out for a better Malaysia. Connecting Bersih being funded by a Christian group and the revival of communist reformation. You think for yourself whether this is inciting racial tension. Getting the silat club in Malaysia to "eliminate the Bersih threat"? Having Ibrahim Ali to call himself a war general and to ask Chinese to stock up food? My heart is in distress. One i cant express in words.

We need to wake up, stand out and speak out.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!!!

First of all, Happy Teacher's day to all teachers who have taught me whether formally or informally :) May god bless u all abundantly as u have blessed me..

Thought i would write something about teachers as its their day..

I had an interesting conversation with one teacher the other day. He says that teachers are now watch dogs and not bloodhounds. That got me thinking. How then are teachers to educate, instill discipline, mold a person, etc when they are "toothless-tigers".. For one like myself, u can roar all u want till ur throat bleeds and i still wouldn't care what u r roaring about.

I personally feel that teachers are in a position to impact and change lives. The power to create a new generation-mindset is in their hands. But its sad that many dont really noe how to utilize this gift. Many teachers today wants to show who is boss and that they are in authority. Students dont need another authority. We need mentors, "grown-up-friends", a role model. And that is what i believe teachers should be in today's society.

Its no more spare the road spoil the child as the rod is a no no today. Teacher hitting a student is apparently abuse. Gone were the days of our parents where "get canned in school, go back tell parents, get canned again". Teachers are not even allowed to stare at students according to the secular on teacher's ethics. As our society gets more sophisticated, educated, demanding and outspoken, i think its time for teachers to change tactics.

Teachers have to wage a psychological warfare. Its about being a role model and getting respect. Yes, its bad that people today base respect on what u can do and not who u r. One can b d PM and yet get no respect if he has bad governing skills. Thats the same in school. Many students dont respect teachers because they are teachers anymore. And that is why the "listen to me because i'm in authority" doesn't work. Teachers need to prove to their students that they are of substance and quality.

Teachers need to come into class not with reference books anymore but with only maker pens plus the lesson in their mind. This will show students that hey, i really know my stuff and u better listen to me. Its not uncommon i hear teacher teach any say i dont need to memorize all this as i am not the one who is sitting for the exam. This should not happen. Teacher who know their stuff will gain respect from students. Perhaps teachers should take teaching into a new dimension. A play for an example, life lessons out of social studies, perhaps an "out-of-the-syllabus" project in physics class. If an advertisement has an average of 16 scene changes in one promo, and games with HD graphics and thousand moving characters, i dont think students can stay awake listening to teacher talk for 2 hours. Here in comes the "its-history-nap-time".

I also believe that teachers cant take teaching as just an occupation anymore. Teaching today has to be a culture or habit. Teaching does not end right when the school bell rings. Even after school students who meet their teachers will still address them as teachers. Why? Because for students, these elite group of individuals are not only their teachers in school. Teaching has to take counseling and mentoring into account. SMM (sistem maklumat murid) has only our exterior details. Teachers need to know what is going on behind the mask we put on everyday. In that way, teaching can be more personal and life changing. Though teaching in class, teacher would know how to address their students on a personal basis if they really know them. Perhaps just coming to the canteen and watch students, or just waiting outside the staffroom to see how their students come to school, how students interact with their parents. These initiatives and "short scenes" will tell a teacher alot more of their students.

And, teacher need to carry themselves like a role model. How are students to respect teachers when they come in with sports attire though its not PJ period. How about the half not tucked in shirt, the no socks feet, the stench of cigarette and the walking style of a person on holiday. And these same teachers are the ones who are suppose to teach us to carry ourselves and tell us what discipline is?? dont think that will work out well..

Anyway, i realise that perhaps i'm talking on the ideal extreme. Any teacher will be able to complain to me about the excessive red tape routine, the unnecessary load of paper work, the non-teaching responsibilities like doing exam results analysis, printing certs, etc. WHILE the poeple in the office sit and enjoy air cond while chit chatting everyday.

For teachers to play their role well, society needs a changed mindset as well. NOT ALL STRAIGHT A's STUDENTS ARE DOCTORS!!!! and teachers are not a straight A's scorer churning machine!! I believe teaching is not about the A's. Teaching is about shaping a person and molding character. If the character is of an A grade, the academic results will fall into place along side with it. Whats the point of getting "smart students" with a crap ass attitude? a nuisance to society with their arrogance, boastfulness and over confidence. And please dont leave maktab perguruan as a "last resort" choice. Save this righteous profession for the sake of our generation, future generations and the live of our country..

Thank u again to all teachers who have impacted my life. Not only teaching my whats in the syllabus, but what is also needed for me to survive. Thank you for inspiring me to be better, for giving me chance after chance to change and for taking in all my crap. God bless all of u :)


Friday, April 29, 2011

over tuition seats?!?!

its sometimes very mind boggling how some simple stupid things can bring friendships to ruins..

This is my story..

I've got a tuition in the morning. Went for tuition.. lo and behold, there were a few individuals booking enough places for all their extended family plus their deceased great grand parents to sit! ok. i may be over exaggerating. But u get my point. They booked places for their friends who were YET to come. i asked one of them whether there were anyone sitting as i wanted to sit there. this particular individual (A) said it was for a friend. I told A, u might as well come to class the night before and book the whole class. and i left to find another place to sit.

After that incident, A posted something on her fb about me..

translated in google minus the proper in-context meaning..
You. . . You. . . You. . . . Do not think I bullied! ! ! ! Sometimes I do not say it does not mean I bullied. . . Smelly man! ! ! "Prisoners." . . Dead banana man! ! ! Do not think you can speak English very well to consider themselves aloof! ! ! You are not a banana person does not speak Chinese! ! ! Obviously there are many other spaces that seat Why do you fight with me. . . You are not without a seat. . . I just leave a bit to my friend was not any harm you do not have a seat! ! ! What you said last night to locate. . . Need so ironic? ? ? We are all friends. . . He do not understand today save one, good to see you tomorrow? ? You a unfair to me before I put up something because I do not want to help harden. . Meaning that since you do not blame me after the heartless! ! ! Fanjian people. . .

Till this very moment, i still do not think i deserve the "slashing" that A just gave me. Ya, i was extremely pissed at when i stumbled upon it. The evil thoughts that went through my mind was so intense. The things i would like and can do to A. Bring A's schooling life to ruins. I shoved all those thoughts away and said its ok. I did leave a comment on A's status. a few days later, A deleted me from A's fb contact.

Well, i believe i am not the only one who have been a "victim" of "place booking" in tuition classes. To all ye who stumbled upon this post and is still in the "tuition age", i plea to u, dont be so selfish. Others payed their tuition fees as well. Do u really need to sit with ur "friends/clique" all the time?? if u wil die without them by ur side, then go to tuition early together and sit there. Dont ask one person to hold on to 10 places for u.. You are just being an immature imbecile. If u so want to sit with ur friends, ask the teacher to give u ppl a private lesson. If u got not enough money to pay for it, then just bloody learn like any other ppl in tuition class. For goodness sake, must ppl be so selfish?! common courtesy just went FLUSH out of the discussion. one fine day someone like me may just get too fed up and the next social issue in Malaysia will be "Of the Tuition Culture". cos i may just go about smashing heads like they were play dough!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Al-Kitab issue?

Big hoohah lately about the bibles that are printed in Bahasa Malaysia.. decided to write a little bout it after i read what a Perkasa rep said..

Apparently, printing bibles in BM is making an "unreasonable demand".. he said "they are not the majority of the country"...."we have not brought up the issues of our rights"

hmmmm.... sounds like a shallow man in a heat of anger.. no maturity to voice out dissatisfaction..i really do not understand what the issue here is.. if the Al-Quran can be printed in so many different languages including English, why cant the bible? and, why dont the non-Arab-translation Al-Quran need to b stamped for Muslims only?

Putting myself in some of their shoes, mayb its cos "they" are afraid that Muslims in Malaysia will start believing in Jesus.. or mayb, "they" are not confident that Muslims in Malaysia are really grounded in their faith (now whose blame is that to be).. or mayb on the other extreme, Muslims who touch the bible will go to hell.. i doubt that one though..

I have a translated Al-Quran in my room.. does that makes me a less devoted Christian? NO! i also have it as an app in my ipod! but i still believe in Jesus wholeheartedly.. My question is this.. how can one be more sure of their faith when they are not given the chance to read up on other people's religion? My history teacher for example, she teaches us about Islam civilization and sometimes bring the bible into comparisons.. Though i do not agree with her view, i still respect her for not having that "myopic" thinking many do..

To hit on some petty issues, bibles in BM.. Isn't it in tangent with our government's move to apply Bahasa Malaysia as the bahasa kebangsaan? They should be, "Bagus! Bacalah buku agama anda dalam bahasa kebangsaan". The streamers are still up in my school -Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan- 1 Bahasa 1 Bangsa 1 Negara.. Apparently it's a NO NO in some cases. a conspiracy campaign we are spreading in school! wasted the "perhimpunan khas" the school had to hold..

Some ringing thoughts in my head about Datuk Ibrahim Ali's words.."they are not the majority of the country" and "we have not brought up the issues of our rights".. I'm hurt.. firstly, whether or not i'm a "majority" in the country, I STILL BELONG TO MALAYSIA! i am as Malaysian as any other Malaysian here! and i love MY COUNTRY as much as any other citizens do, or mayb more. To know this for a fact, u just have to noe me in person. Is it so hard to comprehend that i as Malaysian though a Chinese have every intention to make Malaysia a better place and to contribute in the growth of Malaysia?? Common.. i deserve some benefit of doubt here.. and about "NOT" bringing up "OUR RIGHTS", i out rightly say its a lie! dont believe me? go buy any BM newspaper tomorrow.. bet u ur inheritance u will find at least 1 article that talks about "Malay Supremacy".. (i always say that i dont gamble/bet, but this is no gamble.. i'm sure i'm right, and so its actually earning money :) )

was reading on Perjanjian Hudaibiah in my reference book.. in that Perjanjian, there was an issue on fairness towards the Quraisy tribe and the Muslims.. and it states in the reference book, "para sahabat nabi tdk bersetuju dgn isi perjanjian ini. Mereka menganggap bahawa Rasululah SAW terlalu lembut dan bertolak ansur sehingga merugikan org Islam. Sebenarnya tindakan Rasulullah SAW ini ternyata mempunyai pandangan jauh. Perjanjian ini bererti org Musyrikin Makkah secara tdk langsung mengiktiraf kerajaan Islam Madinah. Hal ini demikian kerana inilah kali pertama pembesar-pembesar Makkah sanggup mengadakan rundingan".. Well, just wanna tell u guys out there.. The same applies to Christianity in Malaysia. It may seem unfair to the Christians in area of evangelism and "freedom of worship". but in the same case as Prophet Muhammad, they "secara tidak langsung mengiktiraf KERAJAAN YESUS!" hahahahaha.. oooops.. did i just turn one of the biased history move in our syllabus to back fire? ouch..

to all my friends out there who are open minded, u have my "angkat topi".. read up other ppl's believes if u really BELIEVE in ur holy book. compare them and make ur faith stronger if it works for u. Dont just shut everything out. In that way, u dont earn the right to say that u believe ur religion is the right one..

singing out

Friday, April 8, 2011

Death. . . .

was on my way back from school when i saw a road accident nearby my house.. in the wave of the many people there, i saw a man's body lying lifeless on the road, covered with a big piece of paper. Police officers were taking photos, reporters were doing their thing, on-lookers being their busy body self and the MCA crisis relieve team redirecting traffic. I think this is the first time i see a dead body this close.

It occurred to me how fragile life is. How one mistake (the driver) can end a life, and how one incident (the motorist) can bring an end to a persons diary. Was that man lying on the road ready to die? Did he have the slightest idea before the hit the road that perhaps "I'm going to die today". What was he doing that morning? What was his plans for that day? How did he live his life all this while? It doesnt really matter now does it. Death caught him by surprise.

My next train of thought was where is his spirit now? The conventional heaven hell dilemma? or the "spirit hanging around" superstition? If he was facing judgment with scenes of his whole life flashing by, would he be begging and mourning in anguish before the Almighty?

There was a strange coldness in me that day. It was not because i saw a dead body, but its the thought about life in itself. How we so busily chase after things and run about our daily lives like its the most important thing. At the end, who do we live for? What do we live for? I've found my answer. I live to serve my Lord, Jesus. How about you?