Thursday, March 29, 2012

Christianity a "treat"

I love this country.. so happening.. always got something to write about:)

Today's issue is A Self Righteous Man..

For a little background on my ramblings, check this link..

Johor Education Department director, Mohd Nor Abdul Ghani says "This weekend’s seminar on the “threat of Christianisation” is to strengthen Islamic faith and not threaten other religions"..

That's an oxymoron-ic statement.. Lets say Swagger comes to Malaysia with an M-16.. He walks into the police station and kills 10 policeman.. To everyone's "surprise" Swagger got away.. Hence that night's Berita Nasinoal will star Hishammuddin proclaiming Swagger as a treat to Malaysian security.. On the other side of the screen, Swagger thinks to himself.."They are not threatening me??" WHAT THE HELL!!! OF COURSE HE WILL FEEL THREATENED!!! Same applies here idiot.. You organize a seminar on threat of Christianisation and you say it's not to threaten other religions..

That's also a very self righteous statement.. You accuse others of being a threat to instill unity.. How cheap can you be!?!? ARGH!! SO STUPID! Isn't Islam sufficient enough to instill unity without accusing others? I know Christianity is sufficient enough.. Pastors don't say things like "because all of us are exposed to OPEN ISLAMISATION, therefore we must be united". No. Pastors tell us to love everyone and treat everyone as equals whether they are Christians or not.

I am not against any party organizing a religious event/talk. I believe everyone must continue learning more about their religion.. to question their religion on its teachings and doctrines. But this particular seminar has brought shame to Muslims in Malaysia. Other religions in Malaysia can still stay strong in their religion despite government-backed Islamisation. Every morning Kebangsaan school students listen to prayers. Government offices does the same thing. Over the tv it's the same. Schools get "motivational speakers" who drill us with Islamic values and teaching of Nabi Muhammad.. Sabahans and Sarawakians are given poultry and RM50 to accept Islam. And despite of that, we still don't organize seminars on "threat on Islamisation". Even with the help of the law you still cant have the confidence that Muslims will stay Muslims? Then i think something is really wrong with Islam in Malaysia. And making it compulsory for 2 teachers from each school to attend? U gotta be kidding me.. You mean u had to force-invite people to listen? shame...

I dont know.. I really hope we will get national leaders who can uphold Islam at a better state than this moron in the next election.. What i say here, is not against Islam. I love my Muslim brothers and sisters. If u noe me in person, u noe i speak the truth. What I am against here are leaders who bring shame on their religion.. In this particular case, Islam. Leaders who thinks it's alright to accuse and put others down for their benefit.. Leaders who get away after inciting suspicion among citizens. Let us not be blinded by cheap scare tactics that make us look at one another in suspicion.. Religion should not be made as a political agenda.. Dont be fooled into thinking that he is standing up for Islam..

From this link, i think other delegates are doing a better job at upholding Islam than this dude.

Besides, it is well known of our standing government's tactics.. 3R.. Race, Religion, Royals..


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